Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Hasselbitch's Epic Fail!

Just when I thought I was going to end the day with the former post, in comes a little gem from The View. Not sure if the loyal legion of 1 realizes how much The Hasselbitch hates Kathy Griffin, so I'll just tell them that bitch hates my bitch. To be honest I really don't know why. To me, Kathy always tells the truth when it comes to herself, The View, The Hasselbitch That Could, and anyone else without a sense of humor.

From the moment the clip started, I could tell that The Hasselbitch had something on her mind, except it took her pea brain a minute to collect all of her thoughts and form the dumbest thing she could say to Mrs. Kathy. When I heard The Hasselbitch utter those words, yeah I realized it was an awkward moment, but I knew she was clearly setting herself up for some witty comeback from Mrs. Kathy; which is exactly what Kathy gave her. Classic! That's why I love her.

People need to understand that Kathy Griffin is a comedienne. She is going to tell jokes, false truths, and poke fun at people to get a laugh. People do it all the time. So what Kathy spends most of the time talking about celebrities, she also talks about herself. In making fun of herself, she is pointing out that she is not perfect and does not look at herself as high and mighty unlike The Hasselbitch and many others.

Listening and watching Mrs. Kathy has allowed me to laugh at myself. Why can't these so called "A-List" celebrities do the same? They put themselves out there to get laughed at and talked about. Once you put yourself in the public eye that's what people are going to do, and for some reason The Hasselbitch just doesn't get it. Ugh! 

I'm hoping the audience's reaction cleared up any confusion for her, and if not then I hope she's reading this: BITCH THEY DON'T LIKE YOU!