Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Guess Who I Saw Today!!! Well Yesterday...

UGH!!! I hate her! Old goofy c*nt (I really hate that word, but that's what she is!) with a stupid old haircut. She, being the teacher I had to give the business to, was at my place of business today. I wanted to snatch that wig looking hair off of her head and toss it to little kids playing on the escalators. I really wanted to do some damage, but my boss was standing right next to me, and she's so sweet I believe the act would actually offend her. 

I saw her coming up to me so I tried to pay her no mind. I know my temper so let's just say I was doing the right thing. However, home girl kept eying me down like she wanted to do something. Maybe me telling the head of her department about her behavior in class and her lack of teaching got her in more trouble than I hoped for, because she was looking at me like she wanted to take it outside. I'm no punk so after about twenty seconds of staring, I began to look back with my best "Bitch I'm From South Side" look that always manages to scare. 

As luck would most likely have it, nothing happened. She didn't say anything to me...only whispered to a friend, pointed at me (which would have pissed me off in 2004 but I'm a lady now), and walked away. What a lovely "Christian" adult woman she must be.