Thursday, September 8, 2011

JTT Found!!!

All I wanted to do was go to Dlisted and see what the hell was going on in the world of celebrity, and what do I find? MR. JONATHAN TAYLOR THOMAS all smiley and hugged up with the cast of Home Improvement. I just had to share, because apparently you bitches love the Jonathan Taylor Thomas

This picture was taken behind the scenes at an Entertainment Weekly photo shoot about a month ago. This proves that he is not dead! What asshole started that rumor?

I can't wait to see the upcoming issue with JTT and the entire cast. Maybe it will get around to answering all of those questions I have about why he actually left the show, and if he and Tim Allen really get into a bitch fight because Simba is like way more awesome than Buzz Lightyear. 

Whatever went on, I'm just glad to see him back with the cast. And did I mention today is his birthday?

pic snatched from Dlisted

And please ignore the crappy quality, but I couldn't resist.