Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nirvana brings Merry Merry and Bobby Brown Together and Casey Affleck loves breasts

Although I'm no longer in LA, I still have friends who live there. Either they're all about their shit and are truly going to make it, or they're just slumming it up and living their life...kinda what I was doing, but I feel they are a little bit more dedicated since they still live there and I'm here in Chicago just working and L.I.V.I.N (click on the link if you have no idea what I'm talking about).

Anyway, I had to work for the past 8 days for a tired ass pay that's barely getting me by, but I take it. On the ride home from work two days ago, I received a phone call from a dearly missed LA friend. She's my favorite and something like my best friend that always has some sort of crazy story that makes the tired ass pay worth working for. I believe this story to be the best, in fact, she should stop telling me stories because it would ruin this one.

Merry Merry (yeah her name isn't really Merry) was at one of her boyfriend's shows in what's considered the boonies of California's Los Angeles County, The Valley. I'm not sure of the name of this particular place, but since she was in The Valley I'm sure it was something cheesy like The Spot or The Juke Joint. So her boyfriend plays his set and she's waiting for him and the other guy in the band to get their shit together and leave. She's waiting at the bar with another band girlfriend when this guy shows up. Merry Merry would talk to a plant if it approached her, so needless to say she began talking to this guy while the other band girlfriend stared in disbelief.

Clearly engrossed in the conversation, Merry Merry hadn't noticed that the other band girlfriend had left and told their boyfriends what Merry Merry had failed to realize: Merry Merry was talking to Bobby Brown! 

Yes THAT Bobby Brown! Whitney Houston's very own ORIGINAL KING OF R&B...yeah. I'm guessing she finally looked up and saw that it was The King. However, in true LA form she didn't freak out (like I would have) or ask him about his prerogative (or for an autograph), she just pretended that he was a regular dude at a bar.

Then came the WTF moment that nearly killed me: Merry Merry looked down and noticed that The Original King was wearing a pretty original Nirvana t-shirt. Being from Seattle, Merry Merry went into this mini-rant about how Seattle-ites are born and bred to love all things grunge, especially Nirvana. In this scenario, The King was wearing a Nirvana shirt that Merry Merry had never seen before, so she asked him where he got it from. The answer: Kurt Cobain.

Really dude? Really? 

But he didn't stop there, "Yeah, I went to see them in concert and got a chance to go backstage. Kurt had on this t-shit and I asked him could I have it. He just gave it to me."

How awesome is that? I mean really! How awesomely random is that? Merry Merry at some lame ass Valley bar, minding her own business, when Bobby Brown shows up and tells a ridiculous story about that time he stole a shirt from Kurt Cobain!

Want to know what's happened to me since I've been in Chicago? I was sitting at my desk at work when Casey Affleck walks his socially awkward ass past me after my eyes bugged because I clearly recognized him from that one movie. I'm sure I saw him staring at my boobs...Oh goddess I hate Merry Merry!