Monday, February 8, 2010

What Happend To Grey's Anatomy?

Standing in the hallway of Seattle Grace Hospital, after the mind-blowing sex with Dr. Shepard, the death of Denny, and Izzie's EPIC crying scene, Merideth Grey was stuck. Should she stay with McVet or should she go back to the very sexy and very married Dr. McDreamy? She stood there looking at puppy eyed Chris O'Donnell and heavily teased Patrick Dempsey. Two men I wouldn't normally look at, seemed so perfect because of Merideth Grey, my shero. Then BOOM! The screen went black and I wouldn't know who Merideth picked until the next season.

I was hooked. It took me a while to come over to the Grey side but when I did, I didn't want to leave. I spread the gospel of Grey's Anatomy to all of my friends, and all but ONE (and you know who you are) joined me in my praises. For the next two seasons it was on. I watched Grey's every Thursday night to keep up with the shenanigans. Then, they jumped the shark.

Merideth drowned and froze to death after a boat crash, Yang was able to revive her, and when she came to do you know what she said?

Ouch...Mutha****** ouch? What the hell? If writers of the show wanted to showcase Merideth's lack of mental maturity, why have her say anything at all? A mute Merideth is a better Merideth.

And that damn wedding...Seriously! Serious? Seriously?!?!? Burke, you called off the wedding for why? Hell! You knew Yang wasn't the marrying kind when you had to bitch and moan about her accepting your proposal. Come on! Gimme a break dude, admit it you love the drama.

The series took a serious plunge in the middle of season 4. I wanted to punch Izzie, stab George, run over Derek with my car, and slap some sense into Callie. I was so over it. Beyond over it. I changed my channel. Oh Yes I did! I changed my channel to NBC, discovered John Krasinski, and became a member of The Party Planning Committee. Team Pam or Karen? I didn't care, that Jim was cute...

Anyway back to Grey's, what happened? Is it even still on the air? George is dead, Burke is gone, Izzie has CANCER, and Addison left to join Taye Diggs on that lame ass spin-off. The show is officially dead. Well the good part is. And I'm in front of my tele waiting for JAM'S baby to be born so it can make cute little face at the camera.