Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Bob Dylan

EDIT: I don't think of myself as a deep thinker like Mr. Bob Dylan. I could never come up with what he said. I believe he is talking about people reading too much into things that have no substance at all. 
The reason why I like Mr. Bob Dylan so much is because he'll paint a picture and leaves it up to the audience to figure it out. 
People thought that he was some kind of prophet intellect when in actuality he was just an average joe with a working brain and the gift of song. 
His kind of honesty is rare and lacking in entertainment. Majority of today's talents play roles that were created and not necessarily true to their being. The machine probably would have never thought it was okay for entertainers to act like real people until Mr. Bob Dylan came along. However, unfortunately, the "real" routine turned into folk pretending to be better than everyone else because "they can see what's really going on" when in reality they see nothing at all.